Imaginary Friend


Godman – the gestation of a superhero


What DID the Early Christians Believe?


Sourcing the Legend


The Way of the Rabbi






St Paul the Apostle


The Criminal History of the Christian Church


A Brutal Superstition Spreads Across Europe


The challenge of Islam


The Christianizing of the Americas


Religious fusion in Ancient Egypt Alexandria, the breeding ground of cults


Piety and Dreams Sire a Godman

  Bizarre Beginnings – The Assortment of Early Christian Belief  

From Apollo to Jesus Christ! How the Godman is Made and Remade


Just Who Were the Jews? The Jewish Race Myth & 'Sacred History'

  Lying for God – Copy and Glorify   The Ever-Changing Word of God   Two Different Pauls in Epistles and Acts   The First Christians –  "Haters of the human race"?   The RacketsSeven "Sacraments" of the Church   Arabia the Happy Life Before Islam  

1500-1700 Europe Ablaze for Christ!



A Surfeit of Jesuses! (But NOT one from Nazareth)



Growing the dream


  Nice GnosticsChristian 'Mystics of Knowledge'  

Egyptian Roots of Catholicism – Relics, demonology, miracles


  Egypt and the Patriarchs – Palpable Nonsense   Non-Christian Testimony?   The 'Good Book' – Savage Biblical Injustice   First Mission – Paul in Cyprus and Galatia?   Primitive Christianity compromises with reality   Racketeering on an Imperial scale   Who Saved Civilization? – Damascus Spring   1500-1600 New Spain – Old Horrors

The Birthing of a Godman - Unbelievable in Every Word


Universal Saviour


  How the Godman is Made and Remade  

(Jewish Neo-Platonism – see Philo)

  King David – The Boy Wonder   Persecution – Holy Mother Church Invents Heroic Origins   SIN Drowning in Guilt & Fear   Galatians – Barbarians, Settlers or Jews?  

Pope Callistus – Embezzler

  The Christianizing of Iberia  

Islam: Final Revelation – or Ultimate Heresy? Part One   

  1600-1700 Christ in the Colonies

The Birthing of a Godman - Elaboration of a myth


Hero of the People


  Making an Apology  

(Stoicism – see Seneca)

  King Solomon? – The Emperor with No Clothes   "Saint George"   "Mark" Bringing the Celestial Superjew Down to Earth   Philippi – First Church in Europe or an origins myth?  

Constantine – Pagan Thug Makes Christian Emperor



The "Conversion" of the Tribesmen of Germany and Gaul



Islam: Final Revelation – or Ultimate Heresy? Part Two

  1700-1850 Birth of a Nation

The Genealogies of Jesus – How the godman was given a bogus pedigree


Glory – The Greatest Man Who Never Lived


  Orthodoxy and the Early Church  

The Buddhist Influence in Christian Origins


  God's love – for the Jews!  

Shrouded in Deceit – The Shroud of Turin and all the other fakery!

Under revision - back soon!

  "Matthew" – A Gospel for Messianic Jews   Corinth – Rome's imperial command post in Greece. But was it Paul's?  

The Christianizing of Europe – The Bishops of Christ seduce the Caesars


Battle for Britain


  Who Saved Civilization? – Baghdad Summer   In Human Bondage – Did Jesus Keep Slaves?

Luke's alternative Jesus genealogy


Witness to a historical Jesus? Philo of Alexandria



Jewish Venom – Revelation


  Temples on the Mount? From "Threshing Floor" to "Noble Sanctuary"   The 'Galilean Ministry' of Jesus Fabrication of a Christian Holy Land   The Roman Church Asserts Authority – The Mythical "St Peter"   Second and Third MissionsA Greek Odyssey?  

Theodosius – The Assault upon Paganism


  Ireland Subdued by 'Christ'   Seeding the Renaissance Science and Islam   1850-1950 The Americanising of Christianity

Nazareth – The Town that Theology Built


Witness to a historicalJesus? Seneca and the Stoics


      The Invincible Mithras   On the Margins of a Real Empire – Israelites and Assyrians  
Aelia Capitolina – City of the Evangelists
  "Luke" – A Gospel for Credulous Pagans   Paul at Ephesus – Derring-do or hocus pocus?   Pope Damasus – Gangster   The Christianization of the Balts   Extinguishing the Light – Wrath of God   1950-2005 Jesus loves a winner! Shaking Down the Sheep

Jesus Christ The Neighbour from Hell

          The Gospel of Mithras   Babylon – Nurturing the Jewish Priesthood   Siloam Negating Jewish magic   Caesarea in 'Acts of the Apostles'   Paul in Jerusalem   Christianity's "civil war"Arianism and the Struggle for "Orthodoxy"  

A Timeline of Catastrophe – 1000 Years

950 -2003

      End Time – Jesus Jihad

The Good Christian? – All in the Mind

          The Companions of Mithras   Yahweh – Brutal Tribal God of War   A Jesus miracle at Bethesda?  

"Brother James" – Radical Jew Sanitized into Pious Christian Martyr


  Paul in Caesarea? Trial and Error  

The Insanity Begins The Closing Mind

  Missionaries or Murderers? The elimination of dissent by violence        

The "12 Apostles" – Fabricated followers of a fabricated Saviour


Imperial Cult


  Temples on the Mount? Persians and Greeks bearing gifts   Trials and Errors
The SIX trials of Jesus

Jewish Venom – Revelation


Paul goes to Rome? – Theology meets Josephus!



Death on the Nile

  Burning Times – Auto-da-fé        

Mary, Mary ...The Mythical Virgin Mother




Apollonius of Tyana


  Greek & Roman World Culture – The Jews Say No   Dolorosa – The Way of Sorrow or A Comedy of Errors?   "John" – A Gospel to Silence the Gnostics   All at Sea – The Curious Yarn of Paul's "Shipwreck"  

A Timeline of Catastrophe – Darkness descends on the Greco-Roman world

300-600 AD

  Christianity – a psycho-sexual disorder?        

The End is Nigh – A History of "Jesus Denial"





Judas the Galilean – the Real Messiah?

Review of Daniel Unterbrink's thesis


Militant Tendencies – Resisting Roman Rule

Under revision - back soon!

  Sepulchres of Deceit       Epistles – Bold, Catholic and Fake  

Civilization Erased by Piety and Fanaticism – PART 1


Men in frocks – God's curious fashion foibles


Christian 'Apologetics' – Fundamentally flawed

              Temples on the Mount: Herod's Temple - Fact or Fantasy?   The empty tombs of Jesus – vacuous nonsense      

Epistles –  The bogus "authentic" Pauline letters!


  Civilization Erased by Piety and Fanaticism – PART 2          

Did Julius Caesar Exist? Do you Exist?


              Wars & Rumours of Wars – Trajan Conquers the East   Waking the Dead?       Paul – A Diluted Gnosticism at the heart of Orthodoxy  

Dwarfs on the Bones of Giants – The Withering of Culture

Miniscule –"The Carolingian Renaissance"


Nailing Jesus Demolishing the Messiah Myth


Caesarea – A City Built by Hadrian

  Resurrection of the Lord? The Hole in the Christian Doughnut       Paul – The first theologian? Priestly Imperatives   'Privilegia Ecclesiastica' – Decline of Law and Human Rights            

Bart Ehrman: Did Jesus Exist?
Book Review

              The Piety & Vengeance of Hadrian   Encounter at Emmaus?      

Ripping Yarn – Paul and the "Acts of the Apostles"


  The Death of Science            

The New Apologists

              Temples on the Mount: Jupiter – Biggest and Best?   "James Ossuary" Declared Fake – Official!      

Witness creation programme – "Ignatius and Polycarp"


  Medical knowledge lost for a millennium            



              Portable God for World's First Multinational Business   Joseph of Arimathea – the Man who Laid Jesus       The Improbable Paul – The making of a Super Apostle   Ancient medical knowledge destroyed            


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